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Gas safety in the UK is changing. In June 2008 the Health and Safety Executive announced
Capita as its preferred bidder to provide a new gas installer registration scheme taking over
from the familiar CORGI registered installers.

The new scheme is called the Gas Safe Register, and starts on April 1st 2009, replacing the
existing organisation operated by CORGI.

CORGI registration ends in the UK on 31st March 2009. So from the 1st April don't ask for a
CORGI installer. Ask for a Gas Safe Register installer instead. By law, from April gas engineers
must be on the Gas Safe Register.

All thoses individuals and companies previously registered with CORGI will have already
been contacted about this change, so all should be ready to go with the new scheme.
Legally, all gas installation companies and installers are required to join the new registration
scheme and they will all be required to remain competent and registered, and therefore will
be inspected regularly.

The Gas Safe Register is committed to increasing public knowledge on gas safety by creating
innovative campaigns designed to communicate knowledge of the new brand. These will
commence from April onwards. Apart from raising awareness of the change of name,the
main aims of these campaigns will be to improve safety and public knowledge relating to gas
installations and to emphasise the dangers of the hidden killer, carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Health and Safety Executive will hold the brand Gas Safe Register in trust to make sure it
will remain the official mark for competency and quality regardless of which company runs
the scheme in the future.

In these tough times, it's tempting to cut corners and look for someone on the cheap who'll
do the job for cash, the cowboys, or even try and do it yourself. But the gas is just too
dangerous to take chances with. You MUST get a qualified, certified person in to do the job
or you could potentially lose your home and family. It's actually illegalfor anyone other than
a registered engineer to install boilers and other gas appliances.

Home owners should be assured that a new registration provider will not comprimise gas
safety in the UK. The only change is to the name and the parent company.

When searching for a gas installer, make sure to look for this new Gas Safe Register logo and
always ask to see their ID card and ensure it's up to date.

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